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70 05/13/2011 HAIL REPORTS
1.75 LARGEST HAIL 05/13/2011
108 05/13/2011 WIND REPORTS
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2011/05/06 Hail Reports
2011/05/20 Hail Reports


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Date Size City County State
Details 11:20 P 1.00 inches quitman clarke MS
Details 9:55 P 1.00 inches wingate union NC
penny to quarter sized hail at wingate university (gsp)
Details 9:23 P 1.00 inches brooklet bulloch GA
sheriff report of quarter-size hail near denmark (cae)
Details 9:23 P 1.00 inches denmark bamberg SC
sheriff report of quarter-size hail near denmark (cae)
Details 8:40 P 1.00 inches bamberg bamberg SC
sheriff report of quarter-size hail near bamberg (cae)
Details 8:14 P 1.00 inches gaines genesee MI
1-inch hail and several branches down. (dtx)
Details 8:00 P 1.75 inches columbia marion MS
golf ball hail was reported on delancy robbins road. (jan)
Details 7:55 P 1.75 inches oak vale marion MS
golf ball hail was reported. (jan)
Details 7:21 P 1.00 inches sturgis oktibbeha MS
along scott rd. (jan)
Details 7:20 P 1.00 inches dunn harnett NC
quarter sized hail in dunn. (rah)
Details 7:06 P 1.00 inches statesboro bulloch GA
Details 6:45 P 1.00 inches raleigh wake NC
hail from penny to quarter size observed in brier creek (rah)
Details 6:35 P 1.00 inches hopedale tazewell IL
quarter size hail and 0.9 inches of rain. from swop observer. (ilx)
Details 6:23 P 1.00 inches port orange volusia FL
central florida news 13 reports quarter size hail. (mlb)
Details 6:08 P 1.00 inches orlando orange FL
central florida news 13 reporting quarter size hail in pine castle and oak ridge. (mlb)
Details 6:05 P 1.00 inches tremont tazewell IL
county emergency manager reported nickel to quarter size hail covering the ground. (ilx)
Details 6:00 P 1.75 inches decatur newton MS
Details 5:55 P 1.00 inches decatur newton MS
lots of quarter size hail being reported according to wtok (jan)
Details 5:50 P 1.75 inches broadway lee NC
golf ball sized hail. (rah)
Details 5:15 P 1.50 inches wheeler gratiot MI
the hail that fell was 90 percent dime size with some nickels and a few with a larger axis diameter of one and one half inches. (grr)
Details 5:10 P 1.00 inches casar cleveland NC
hail around quarter sized fell for a short time on pheasant creek road. some wind but not enough to cause problems. (gsp)
Details 5:05 P 1.00 inches casar rutherford NC
a short period of quarter sized hail on jonestown road on the rutherford county side of the border. some wind but not enough to cause problems. (gsp)
Details 4:59 P 1.00 inches midland midland MI
widespread dime sized hail with several 1 to 1 1/2 inch hail stones. (dtx)
Details 4:50 P 1.25 inches frostproof polk FL
the public reported half dollar sized hail on illinois street in frostproof. (tbw)
Details 4:30 P 1.00 inches toccoa stephens GA
1 inch hail in the walmart parking lot se of toccoa. (gsp)
Details 4:26 P 1.25 inches bells crockett TN
Details 4:13 P 1.00 inches holly springs marshall MS
Details 4:11 P 1.25 inches bells crockett TN
Details 4:08 P 1.75 inches holly springs marshall MS
Details 4:05 P 1.00 inches eastanollee stephens GA
Details 4:00 P 1.00 inches auburndale polk FL
quarter sized hail and strong winds. (tbw)
Details 4:00 P 1.00 inches ellisville jones MS
quarter size hail was reported. (jan)
Details 4:00 P 1.00 inches banner elk watauga NC
Details 3:50 P 1.00 inches asheville buncombe NC
1 inch hail reported on patton ave just west of downtown asheville. (gsp)
Details 3:48 P 1.50 inches lake lure rutherford NC
ping pong size hail fell at a service station just south of the mcdowell county border. hail partially covered the ground. strong wind gust but no noticeable damage as (gsp)
Details 3:46 P 1.00 inches eupora webster MS
Details 3:45 P 1.00 inches linville falls burke NC
Details 3:44 P 1.25 inches moselle jones MS
half dollar size hail was reported. (jan)
Details 3:42 P 1.00 inches clinton hickman KY
quarter size hail reported east of town. (pah)
Details 3:40 P 1.75 inches moselle jones MS
half dollar to golf ball size hail was reported. (jan)
Details 3:32 P 1.75 inches independence tate MS
golfball size hail near the intersection of hwy 306 and hwy 305 in independence. (meg)
Details 3:30 P 1.00 inches olive branch desoto MS
quarter size hail in the town of lewisburg. (meg)
Details 3:20 P 1.00 inches opp covington AL
quarter size hail reported near opp. (mob)
Details 3:20 P 1.00 inches fairview buncombe NC
Details 3:15 P 1.75 inches ravenna portage OH
Details 3:08 P 1.75 inches black mountain mcdowell NC
golf ball hail reports being called into 911 from interstate 40. (gsp)
Details 2:55 P 1.00 inches west holmes MS
Details 2:45 P 1.75 inches corry erie PA
one tree down. (cle)
Details 2:25 P 1.75 inches ellijay gilmer GA
Details 2:24 P 1.50 inches mineral point washington MO
some hail up to ping pong ball size. hail covering the ground. (lsx)
Details 2:21 P 1.00 inches mineral point washington MO
Details 2:20 P 1.00 inches carriere pearl river MS
quarter sized hail at the 16 mile marker on i-59. (lix)
Details 2:10 P 1.75 inches naylor ripley MO
golf ball size hail reported south of town along route 142. wind damage also reported with this storm. small trees downed as well as a few power lines. no estimate on w (pah)
Details 2:01 P 1.00 inches austinville wythe VA
Details 2:00 P 1.00 inches lisbon columbiana OH
Details 1:44 P 1.75 inches middlefield geauga OH
Details 1:40 P 1.00 inches fries carroll VA
multiple reports of quarter size hail piling up on the ground in the community of fries. (rnk)
Details 1:37 P 1.00 inches middlefield geauga OH
Details 1:27 P 1.00 inches roscoe st. clair MO
Details 1:10 P 1.75 inches warm springs randolph AR
Details 12:45 P 1.00 inches franklin pendleton WV
.60 of rain in his guage as of 8 pm (lwx)
Details 12:08 P 1.00 inches new tazewell claiborne TN
quarter sized hail fell near and along lone mountain road. reported by dispatch. (mrx)
Details 12:05 P 1.00 inches cumberland gap claiborne TN
nickel to quarter sized hail over 5 minutes in arthur. reported by spotter. (mrx)
Details 11:13 A 1.00 inches lebanon laclede MO
Details 10:20 A 1.25 inches jasper walker AL
half dollar size hail fell knocking lots of leaves off trees from curry to smith lake. (bmx)
Details 10:06 A 1.25 inches jasper walker AL
half dollar size hail fell knocking lots of leaves off trees from curry to smith lake. (bmx)
Details 9:56 A 1.75 inches jasper walker AL
golfball size hail broke a few windows out of a mobile home near saragossa. (bmx)
Details 9:43 A 1.00 inches kansas walker AL
dime to quarter size hail was reported near highway 118 and interstate 22 just east of carbon hill. (bmx)
Details 7:20 A 1.00 inches kingston springs cheatham TN
report relayed by wsmv. (ohx)
Details 1:18 A 1.75 inches shawnee pottawatomie OK
at intersection of hwy 3 and rock creek rd (oun)
Date Speed City County State
12:45 A 4 nnw flowers johnston NC
one tree fell on a truck along wendell road near archer lodge road. (rah)
12:05 A macedonia forrest MS
two trees down along monroe and old richton road/morriston rd in macedonia area. (jan)
11:50 P moselle jones MS
county sheriffs office reports several trees downed on powerlines around the area (jan)
10:50 P 2 s dills jefferson FL
one tree down along brock road. time estimated by radar. (tae)
10:30 P lloyd jefferson FL
one tree down along highway 59. time estimated by radar. (tae)
10:10 P tallahassee leon FL
several trees and power lines knocked down both city and county wide...blocking several roads and intersections. (tae)
9:33 P 1 e summerton clarendon SC
highway patrol report of trees down near mile marker 110 on i-95 (cae)
9:32 P 4 s manning clarendon SC
highway patrol report of trees down near highway 260 and racoon rd intersection (cae)
9:15 P 1 ssw summerton clarendon SC
highway patrol reports of trees down near mile markers 108 and 110 on i-95 (cae)
9:04 P 3 wsw welcome davidson NC
multiple trees and power lines down along highway 150 near reedy creek (rah)
9:00 P macon noxubee MS
power poll downed behind the jail in macon. (jan)
9:00 P brooksville noxubee MS
numerous trees downed along bluff lake road. large tree downed in parking lot of the national wildlife refuge. (jan)
8:45 P 3 n greenwell spring east baton rouge LA
public report of trees down across the road on greenwell springs road. (lix)
8:30 P 7 s bishopville lee SC
sherrif report of trees down on racoon road between manville and st charles (cae)
8:22 P 5 s mocksville davie NC
trees down off county home rd and 395 ridge rd south of mocksville. (gsp)
8:20 P amory monroe MS
trees down across the city. (meg)
8:18 P 3 e betheden winston MS
a few trees down along bluff lake rd. (jan)
8:05 P clover york SC
several trees down blocking roadways in clover. (gsp)
7:51 P estill hampton SC
trees down along highway 601. (chs)
7:48 P 1 n troutman iredell NC
trees reported down off dutch creek rd in troutman. (gsp)
7:44 P 4 ene autryville sampson NC
tree down on leroy autry road. (rah)
7:42 P 8 wsw hobbton sampson NC
multiple trees down near midway along highway 421 (rah)
7:35 P 4 n statesville iredell NC
iredell county reported trees down off castle creek rd. (gsp)
7:18 P lodge colleton SC
tree down at bells and confederate highway. (chs)
7:15 P columbia richland SC
trees down at victoria street and wallace street. one tree on a vehicle. time estimated from radar. (cae)
7:15 P 60 mph 10 w knolls tooele UT
interstate 80 - dugway sensor,dpg17. (slc)
7:03 P 2 ene lexington lexington SC
trees down off mineral springs road near lexington (cae)
7:02 P 5 nnw linden harnett NC
dime to penny sized hail and several trees down in bunnlevel on 401 and pendergraft rd. (rah)
6:53 P 4 nnw linden harnett NC
tree down in bunnlevel on 401. (rah)
6:50 P 1 e statesboro bulloch GA
roof damage to 2 buldings at the laurel point apartments. (chs)
6:45 P statesboro bulloch GA
multiple reports of trees and powerlines down around the city of statesboro. (chs)
6:45 P 2 ssw bethesda durham NC
tree down blocking the road offf of tw alexander drive. (rah)
6:32 P statesboro bulloch GA
tree down on a house on south college street in downtown statesboro. (chs)
6:30 P 8 se batesburg lexington SC
trees down and across quattlebaum road near interstate 20. (cae)
6:25 P 2 nnw rougemont person NC
2 trees down near durham road and hillsborough road. (rah)
6:25 P 3 nnw rougemont person NC
trees and power lines down near c.c. andrews road and durham road. (rah)
6:16 P 5 nnw elkin surry NC
one tree down in the town of state road. (rnk)
6:12 P 7 ssw corinth alcorn MS
power lines down near highway 514 and 515. (meg)
6:03 P 1 wsw cataula harris GA
harris county 911 relayed reports of several downed trees in an area from the harris-muscogee county line to cataula. (ffc)
6:00 P columbus muscogee GA
a large oak tree was uprooted (ffc)
5:58 P columbus muscogee GA
one large tree down at a private residence in the ben hill area of columbus. (ffc)
5:57 P metter candler GA
candler county em reported a roof peeled off a tractor shed at a cotton gin. one power pole snapped and several trees down around the city. (chs)
5:41 P aiken aiken SC
trees down in roadway and on powerlines near the intersection of trolley line road and vaucluse road in aiken. (cae)
5:40 P 5 n columbus muscogee GA
muscogee county 911 relayed reports of several downed trees and powerlines. (ffc)
5:40 P 5 n goldston chatham NC
utility pole snapped and powerlines down in rock bridge road near route 602 (rah)
5:35 P dover stewart TN
a tree was blown down in dover. (ohx)
5:33 P 4 nne pickens pickens SC
trees down on a house and garage near the intersection of pleasant view rd and shalimar rd. (gsp)
5:30 P 2 nw smiths station lee AL
damage to local flea market at intersection of us 280 and cr 379. tents blown over as well as pieces of tin roofing thrown down stream. (bmx)
5:30 P 3 se pumpkintown pickens SC
several trees uprooted and some snapped off near 4700 dacusville rd. winds lasted about 10 minutes. (gsp)
5:30 P 8 sse sutphin chatham NC
tree down off silk hope gum springs road (rah)
5:28 P 3 n pickens pickens SC
pop report of structural damage north of pickens. no further details were given. (gsp)
5:27 P 4 nw pickens pickens SC
several trees down along lost valley road as given in a pop report. perhaps some structural damage at a neighbors house from the fallen trees. (gsp)
5:20 P wilkesboro wilkes NC
trees down along state route 16 in wilkesboro. (rnk)
5:00 P west portsmouth scioto OH
1 tree and some power lines down. (iln)
4:57 P 2 sse donnaha forsyth NC
4 trees down at the intersection of riverbluff farms road near route 67. trees bloked riverbluff farms road. (rah)
4:51 P 2 nw westminster oconee SC
trees and powerlines down on east brown street. (gsp)
4:51 P sugar grove smyth VA
one tree down in sugar grove (rnk)
4:45 P nw wapakoneta auglaize OH
reports of trees down and snapped power poles. estimated time of damage...545 edt (iln)
4:40 P wsw garrison lewis KY
1 tree down on ky route 8 on the west side of garrison. (iln)
4:40 P nw wapakoneta auglaize OH
reports of wires down in nw wapakoneta or sr 198 (iln)
4:34 P albany delaware IN
canopy tent destroyed at muncie dragway near albany. winds estimated 40 mph. (ind)
4:31 P 2 se toccoa stephens GA
one large 3 to 4 inch diameter limb down on moreland drive. winds estimated at 60 mph. (gsp)
4:30 P 2 se asberrys tazewell VA
one tree down on route 16 near the smyth county line. time estimated from radar. (rnk)
4:05 P mountain city johnson TN
three trees down in mountain city. (mrx)
4:01 P banner elk avery NC
part of a chain link fence and the school sign blown down at the elementary school. a couple trees uprooted and blown onto the lodge restaurant. the restaurants sign wa (gsp)
4:00 P 2 wsw auburndale polk FL
telephone poles snapped off by strong winds. (tbw)
3:55 P 5 e pearisburg giles VA
tree down on commissary hill rd (rnk)
3:53 P phelps pike KY
tree down blocking rt 194 e at johnson bottom rd...time est from radar (jkl)
3:50 P 6 wsw newport giles VA
tree down on rt 605...spruce run rd (rnk)
3:50 P clinton summit OH
a tree down and a large limb. (cle)
3:40 P moselle jones MS
a few trees were down along hwy 11. (jan)
3:39 P se mount airy surry NC
one tree down on virginia street. time estimated from radar. (rnk)
3:33 P troy pike AL
trees and power lines were blown down in troy. (bmx)
3:30 P low gap surry NC
several trees down along west pine street. (rnk)
3:30 P 63 mph 8 s muncie delaware IN
thunderstorm produced several minutes of 35 to 45 mph winds along with a 63 mph gust. measured by swat chase team. (ind)
3:28 P 60 mph troy pike AL
3:28 P 3 nw troy municipal air pike AL
a few trees were blown down in the shellhorn community. (bmx)
3:25 P 3 ese catawba roanoke VA
trees down along 700 block in mason cove. (rnk)
3:25 P plymouth marshall IN
small branches and limbs down. (iwx)
3:20 P goshen pike AL
a few trees were blown down in goshen. (bmx)
3:18 P 2 e shelbiana pike KY
tree down blocking road about a half mile up peyton cr (jkl)
3:14 P 4 ese shelbiana pike KY
tree fell across greasy creek just above gillispi branch (jkl)
3:10 P alum ridge floyd VA
few trees down along alum ridge road. (rnk)
3:10 P 4 wsw blue ash hamilton OH
power lines downed. (iln)
2:58 P 58 mph tri-city airport sullivan TN
tri mtr reported wind gust of 51 kts. (mrx)
2:41 P brantley crenshaw AL
tree reported down in brantly. (mob)
2:40 P wawbeek escambia AL
one large oak tree reported across the road in wawbeek. (mob)
2:30 P 1 n corry erie PA
a downed tree and a large limb. (cle)
2:25 P 5 wnw ellijay gilmer GA
around 10 trees were snapped or uprooted. damage occurred to an outbuilding and a truck due to falling trees. (ffc)
1:40 P fries carroll VA
multiple trees have been blown down on carrol drive in the community of fries. (rnk)
1:30 P 60 mph sw fries carroll VA
1:26 P 10 w canfield mahoning OH
large limbs down (cle)
1:20 P ne armuchee floyd GA
broadcast media reports a tree downed onto a house in armuchee with several downed powerlines. (ffc)
1:15 P 7 w etowah mcminn TN
one tree down on hwy 163 and one down on county rd 758. (mrx)
1:00 P rome floyd GA
floyd county 911 relayed reports of 8-9 downed trees along with damage to powerlines and a street light in and around rome. (ffc)
12:47 P gaylesville cherokee AL
numerous trees blown down in and around gaylesville. (bmx)
12:28 P leesburg cherokee AL
a large tree was blown down and blocking the roadway near county road 7 and weiss dam. one home along county 20 suffered shingle damage. (bmx)
12:00 P gadsden etowah AL
*** 1 inj *** a large tree was blown down on pearl street in gadsden. one person was standing outside and was hit by a tree limb as the tree fell. numerous additional t (bmx)
11:52 A aurora etowah AL
trees were blown down in the aurora area. (bmx)
11:47 A 60 mph 3 nw aurora etowah AL
dime size hail and wind gusts to 60 mph in far northwestern etowah county. (bmx)
11:38 A walnut grove etowah AL
trees down and power out along hopper road. (bmx)
11:25 A 3 sw snead blount AL
several trees were blown down and blocking the roadway between blountsville and snead. (bmx)
11:17 A blountsville blount AL
a few trees were blown down in blountsville. (bmx)
11:12 A 4 ne hueytown jefferson AL
trees down on pleasant grove road at 5 acre road. (bmx)
11:10 A 2 nw hueytown jefferson AL
trees down on taylors ferry rd. lots of debris on road in concord. (bmx)
10:56 A bangor blount AL
a few trees blown down in bangor. (bmx)
10:55 A hanceville cullman AL
hanceville police department reports numerous trees down in the city along with power outages. (hun)
7:30 A 2 w nashville davidson TN
a tree and powerlines reported down on richardson avenue (ohx)
Date Location County State
2:50 P buras plaquemines LA
reported tornado in the sunrise area. sheriff reported sign was damaged in front of the south plaquemines parish high school in buras...highway 23. (lix)

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