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Date Size City County State
Details 7:20:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches piedmont canadian OK
hwy 3 (oun)
Details 6:45:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches marathon marathon WI
Details 6:16:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches society hill chesterfield SC
quarter-size hail along hwy 52 near camp coker rd. (cae)
Details 5:55:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches arbela scotland MO
relayed by nws st louis. (dvn)
Details 5:10:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
quarter sized hail reported by spotter. (vef)
Details 5:08:00 PM CDT 1.25 inches las vegas clark NV
spotters reported half dollar sized hail and flooding on eastern and sunset. flooding was 1 foot deep... running and covering the sidewalks. . (vef)
Details 4:47:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
1 inch hail and minor flooding reported by the public. (vef)
Details 4:41:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches choteau teton MT
quarter size hail caused some minor damage to cars and roofs. time estimated based on radar (tfx)
Details 4:40:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
quarter sized hail reported by spotter. (vef)
Details 4:38:00 PM CDT 2.00 inches las vegas clark NV
2 inch hail now falling ad 215 and jones. (vef)
Details 4:37:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
quarter sized hail reported by public. (vef)
Details 4:35:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
nws employee report large hail at 215 and jones. (vef)
Details 4:32:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches wellington sumner KS
public report on twitter of quarter hail in town. via kake tv. (ict)
Details 4:30:00 PM CDT 1.75 inches las vegas clark NV
golf ball sized hail at buffalo and sunset. . (vef)
Details 4:13:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches las vegas clark NV
1.0 hail at russell road and 215. (vef)
Details 4:05:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches jackson monroe GA
dime to quarter size hail reported along high falls road near towaliga river drive. (ffc)
Details 2:37:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches bynum teton MT
marble to quarter size hail lasted about 2 minutes (tfx)
Details 2:10:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches ware shoals greenwood SC
public reports quarter size hail. (gsp)
Details 1:58:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches ware shoals greenwood SC
media relayed public video of hail storm containing quarter size stones. (gsp)
Details 1:30:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches abbeville abbeville SC
Details 12:58:00 PM CDT 1.00 inches pender cuming NE
nickel to quarter sized hail near pender. (oax)
Date Speed City County State
7:22 P owasso tulsa OK
snapped pear tree in owasso. (tsa)
7:20 P 65 mph 6 w piedmont canadian OK
hwy 3 (oun)
7:10 P 70 mph collinsville tulsa OK
estimated 70mph wind gust at collinsville high school. time estimated by radar. (tsa)
7:00 P gilliam saline MO
tree branch fell and brought down power line. (eax)
6:55 P bolivar polk MO
approx. 12 foot section of wooden fence blown down near bolivar. (sgf)
6:55 P 1 sw bolivar polk MO
approx. 10-12 foot tree down near oakland ave. in bolivar. (sgf)
6:40 P 3 wnw lebanon laclede MO
tree down near hwys 64 and aa. (sgf)
6:35 P 4 ese bennett springs laclede MO
tree down near hwy 64 and meadowlark dr. (sgf)
6:28 P 3 ssw cheraw chesterfield SC
report of trees across roadway hwy 52 and hwy 1. (cae)
6:28 P 3 ssw cheraw chesterfield SC
tree down across roadway us 1 and us 52. (cae)
6:00 P roach camden MO
a couple of trees down on hwy aa near roach. (sgf)
5:39 P 65 mph chautauqua chautauqua KS
60 to 65 mph winds and pea size hail. (ict)
5:39 P ssw chautauqua chautauqua KS
multiple 5-8 inch tree limbs down. estimated winds of 60-65mph. delayed report. (ict)
5:19 P 70 mph 3 n wiggins morgan CO
pea size hail and 1.4 inches of rain in 20 minutes. (bou)
5:08 P green valley clark NV
large mesquite tree blown down onto house. time estimated from radar. (vef)
5:00 P 2 wnw green valley clark NV
carport blown over at camden apartments. time estimated from radar. . (vef)
4:59 P 4 nnw evans columbia GA
report of trees down along hardy-mcmanus road. (cae)
4:59 P 4 nnw evans columbia GA
report of trees down along hardy-mcmanus road. (cae)
4:52 P trenton grundy MO
power pole snapped in trenton. no other damage is reported and wind estimates were below 40 mph. the pole was reported to be in poor condition so winds were likely subs (eax)
4:44 P 60 mph groom carson TX
wind gusts up to 60 mph reported with thunderstorm. (ama)
4:40 P 64 mph 12 nw atomic city butte ID
inl reactor technologies complex mesonet site. (pih)
4:36 P 1 wnw arco butte ID
60mph winds with tree limbs under 2 inches down. (pih)
4:35 P 61 mph 10 sse howe butte ID
inl naval reactors facility mesonet site. (pih)
4:30 P 65 mph 6 ssw northwest inl butte ID
sand dunes arl mesonet site. (pih)
4:30 P 2 ssw kelly jasper GA
report of tree down along bar bridge road and another down on johnny fears road. (ffc)
4:19 P wellington sumner KS
estimated 50-60 mph winds... with 4 inch diameter tree limbs down near the courthouse. (ict)
4:19 P wellington sumner KS
tree limbs 5 to 6 inches in diameter were reported down all over town. delayed report. (ict)
4:10 P 60 mph 1 sse arco butte ID
arco arl mesonet site. (pih)
4:00 P 62 mph 1 sse arco butte ID
arco arl mesonet site. (pih)
3:30 P viroqua vernon WI
trees and power lines reported down in viroqua. (arx)
3:15 P 2 ne stoddard vernon WI
one tree and large limbs and branches down. pea size hail. over 1 inch of rain in 45 mintues. (arx)
2:35 P hickory tavern laurens SC
fox 5 carolina relayed report of siding blown off an outbuilding and a couple of trees down. (gsp)
2:30 P denver bremer IA
public reported uprooted/downed tree near denver. report via social media relayed by kwwl. time radar estimated. . (dmx)
2:30 P denver bremer IA
public reported multiple instances of tree damage including numerous branches down. relayed via kwwl. time radar estimated. (dmx)
2:05 P 2 nnw callison greenwood SC
schp reported a tree down at reedy creek rd and county line rd w. (gsp)
1:42 P la crosse la crosse WI
tree uprooted on main st between 21st and 22nd st. also a tree down near the alpine inn on bliss road. (arx)
12:53 P 61 mph waseca waseca MN
reported at waseca airport. (mpx)
12:35 P 5 ssw macclenny baker FL
one tree down reported down at mud lake road and highway 125. (jax)
5:00 A 2 w olathe johnson KS
one third of a healthy maple snapped and fell onto neighboring fence. estimated diameter of section is 10 to 12 inches. small hail also noticed at time of event. (eax)
1:19 A 60 mph edison furnas NE
home anemometer measured gusts to around 60 mph. hail to around penny size also reported. (gid)
TORNADO REPORTS FOR 06/30/2016 No Reports of Tornado Activity Found Today

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